Review Board Game – GOSU

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Gosu box artThink! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear goblins…? D&D? Little red hunched imp like creatures? Half sized green greedy tech savvy auctioneers? Think again! In the GOblin SUpremacy universe, goblins range from Rambo like creatures to white bearded ying-yang senseis; apparently the goblins we have been shown in previous games are just one of the 5 clans existing in this universe called GOSU. Leer el resto de esta entrada »


Review Video Game – FIFA 14

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FIFA 14 2During the last month, the world championship was everywhere you went, houses, restaurants and even at offices. My Xbox One was not the exception; I mentioned before that I had sold many of our old games in order to buy a brand new Xbox One; that was the good news; the bad news is that it has been 8 months now since the release of the “current gen” console and every time I step into a retail game store, I keep seeing the same games! And none of them catches my attention enough to make me spend USD $ 77 (that’s the cost of an Xbox One game at México), this has turned our new gen console into a blue ray player, Netflix and YouTube streamer and Titanfall only console.

I am always looking for new multiplayer games to play with my family, so in my desperation I turned to the free game that came with the console: FIFA 14. And off we go, my son and me started playing against each other, the first games ended with the infamous 0-0 score, until gradually, we improved our game.

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The “pro” player problem in competitive casual games.

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mtg timmy cardIf you are one of my 2 frequent readers, you would know how competitive I claim to be and what is the ultimate competitive setting? Yep, tournaments. But I have come to realize that even though I love “in your face games”, there is something that turns me away from the competitive setting, an inherent problem of a competence, the existence of the “win by all means” player.

Mark Rosewater, a MTG designer, once explained about the 3 kind of players they design the game for: Timmy, Jonny and Spike:


…the “power gamer.” Timmy likes to win big. He doesn’t want to eke out a last minute victory. Timmy wants to smash his opponents…

…Timmy is motivated by fun. He plays Magic because it’s enjoyable. Timmy is very social. An important part of the game is sitting around with his friends.

…For example, Timmy sits down and plays ten games. He only wins three games out of ten but the three he wins, he dominates his opponent. Timmy had fun. Timmy walks away happy.

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5 things I hate about being a gamer.

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beer cheersToday being a gamer is a more accepted hobby than 20 years ago, though it is still a hobby that not all of our Friends, family or colleagues neither share nor understand and I find myself in certain situations where it’s easier to say something like: “yeaaaah… we played poker last night”, instead of “yeah!, we played a Magic: The Gathering draft last night” or “I didn’t sleep last night because my friends went to my place to have a beer” instead of “I didn’t sleep last night because we had Halo tournament last night”, see my point? And it is not about not being proud of being a gamer, it’s about having to explain over and over what MTG or HALO is and how fun it can be, just to hear the same old answer: “Meh, I don’t like playing video games, it’s a waste of time, I’d rather watch dancing with the stars”… can you imagine my face?

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This is just a theory… a game theory!

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game theory 1At the year two thousand you would surf the web on your Netscape browser, you would search on Yahoo! your social network would be Hi5, and you would do all of this while watching your T.V.

A lot of things have changed, now, we “google” things on our Chrome / Firefox browser, our friends post stuff on our Facebook wall while we stream a show through YouTube to our flat T.V.

The world has changed, that is normal, what has been different is that it has changed too fast, it took less than 15 years to our kind to completely reinvent itself, but the change was so fast that we are still working in how to adapt ourselves as a society. We are still struggling with the rivers of information at our disposal, still learning what to do with it.

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Review Board Game – Last Night on Earth

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Last night on earth box coverWhen growing up, I always related board games to Disney Monopoly, Chess, Backgammon or Dakara, games I played with my parents or sisters. All my youth and teenage, my gaming life centered toward the video games and considered the board games as children games. LNoE was one of the first new board games I bought and it fueled a new gaming branch in my life, board gaming.

The game tries to emulate a Zombie movie, heck! It even includes a soundtrack to listen while playing (to be honest, I never used it). But to me, what it more closely emulates is a video game and it kind of resembles to Left 4 Dead, let me tell you a story:

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How to keep your gaming hobby on a budget. Part 2 of many

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You get what you pay for.

you get what you pay for 3

My father used to say: Life is like a choc…. Eeeeeehhh no! He used to say: cheap stuff becomes expensive in the end. Of course you don’t really get this until you earn the money to pay for your stuff, but once you do, you totally understand how important is to spend a couple extra dollars on quality stuff or in the case of this article: on “things” to protect your things.

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